Activities & Attractions

Different activities for all ages are locally stimulated and reside on this island. Gold Coast provides some great possibilities for you to indulge in. Please contact one of our concierge to arrange a tour for the listed attraction below.

Arikok National Park
Almost 20 % of total land in Aruba is assigned to Arikok National Park, to protect the geological and historic remains of the islands flora and fauna. The two tallest hills on the island are located in this park with Jamanota at 617ft and Arikok Hill at 577ft, providing spectacular views! Visiting this park is a must, when desiring to discovering some of Aruba’s rich history.

Natural Pool
The Natural Pool or “conchi” called “Cura di Tortuga” is a hidden pool on the windward coast surrounded by rugged terrain. It might take a while to reach this spot. Close to an hour drive through Aruba’s most wild side, brings you to this location of peace and tranquility in the midst of nature.

Alto Vista Chapel
This romantic chapel was built in 1952, on the site of the first and original Catholic church in Aruba. The original church, built back in 1750 by missionary Domingo Antonio Silvestre was the first church on the island, converting Indians into Christians, and starting Aruba’s number one religion.

California Light House
Built in 1916, this lighthouse is named after the S.S. California, a wooden ship that sank near the shore. The view from up here is amazing, and take your kids along for some dune surfing. This involves sliding down in any way seemingly comfortable. Wearing strong jeans and trousers is advisable.